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Crochet Bag / 15″ Laptop Bag


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100% cotton crochet handbag is a perfect handwoven handbag, the natural nude color goes along with any other color you wear, it is light, soft and comfortable to hold.
Could be used as a laptop bag, perfect for a 15″ laptop, or as a perfect everyday bag.

The nice handmade knit work gives a great kind of texture to this beautiful bag.

– 100% cotton
– Each piece is handmade crocheted.
– Durable long-lasting, sustainable cotton yarn, it is crocheted tightly.

37 cm width.
27 Cm height

Easy care instructions:
The product can be washed with a gentle wash.
Allow to dry and not hang.
Do not put in a drying machine is recommended for crocheted items.
Due to the fact this bag is handmade, you could have a slight change of sizing up to 1 cm.


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