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Mammillaria rhodantha Rainbow Pincushion



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This short, clumping cactus has beautiful magenta flowers that bloom longer than almost any other cacti. It does well indoors, but should be kept out of the way of pets or children, as its spines are quite sharp. 

Quick Look:
  • Partial sun to partial shade

  • Can be grown indoors if given enough light

  • Typical water needs for a succulent. See additional information below.

  • The plant grows up to 12″ (30.5 cm) tall

  • Zone 7a (Minimum 0° F | -17° C)

  • Not cold hardy

  • Propagation by offsets and seeds (difficult)

  • Generally non-toxic to humans and animals. Beware of spines

  • Actively grows in Spring and Fall



Handmade, from artisan concrete

Sealed for water-resistance


Each piece is unique and handmade. Due to the nature of concrete, each piece will have slight variations in color, texture, and size.

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