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Sofa arm tray oak wood


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Size: 57 x 35 cm

The ergonomic design creates space on any seat or cushion to place things on.

It is not demounted. The person will not suffer.

You can remove it from the package and use it immediately.

It fits every rectangular armrest and seat due to its longer length also perfect for rounded sofa arms.

Practice is. It protects the place where it is laid, it creates a useful zone. It does not occupy space like classic stools.

It is a stylish and useful gift for your esteemed friends.

Easy to clean, it has dirt-repellent properties

Special technique is used for the production of the sofa tray.

Wood is composed and the surface is covered with non-slip fabric.

It is resistant to water, heat, and friction.

Covered on MDF.Recycled MDF boards are using for this item to protect nature and make more green.


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